Thursday, December 25, 2008

Christmas #2

Last weekend we went to Grandma and Papa Van Sickel's for the Musser Christmas gathering. Aidan really loved playing with all my cousins kids. He kept saying, "Mommy, there's friends here!" And he had the hit present of the day. It is a cool little drill and pattern set. I wasn't sure he would be able to work the drill, but he did really well and really likes it. Thanks Aunt Lisa!

And Ella got some super cute outfits. She is starting to get the hang of this present opening thing, though she still needs a little help from Aidan. (Thanks Tina and Toby!)

It was nice enough that all the kids got to go outside sledding. Mom and Dad have a very good sledding hill. Aidan had a really good time. Aaron said he kept going over by the neighbor's yard and saying:

Then on Sunday my best friend Sara and her family came over. They were home visiting from Wisconsin. It was so fun to see them! We hadn't seen each other since March! (Which is completely unacceptable Sara, we need to do something about that.) :) Lorelei just gets too cute and I need to see her more often. She is just about a month younger than Aidan and they had a lot of fun together.

Ella got some love from both Sara and Tom. :)

We made homemade pizza, which is always a good time, and so yummy. Aidan and Lorelei were the cheese helpers. But if you will notice, Tom seems to be doing the work and they both seem to be munching on something. Hmmmmm.....

It was a great weekend!
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