Sunday, November 2, 2008

Baby Bunny Giraffe

In case you didn't know, Bunny Giraffe is Aidan's name for the baby growing in mommy's tummy. I always thought it was funny when the preschoolers at the center would have funny names for their new baby siblings, and now I have a preschooler with the same great imagination! So fun!

Well, I had my first appointment with my midwife last week, and it was much more eventful than I had hoped. I actually had gone in thinking, "Please just let there be BunnyGiraffe, not a Bunny AND a Giraffe!" But then when Donna (my midwife) tried to listen for the heartbeat, she could not find it. She tried again and still nothing. Started to get a little worried since with both Aidan and Ella she could find it right away. So she went to go find an ultrasound tech to check on the baby. After what seemed like a long time the tech finally came into the room. But as soon as she turned on the ultrasound, there was BunnyGiraffe with a very good heartbeat at 183 bpm! She even captured BunnyGiraffe's first picture!

Hopefully you can tell what you are looking at. It is a profile view with baby's back on the right side, head on top, and a little leg and foot going to the left. Pretty good picture for a 12 week old that is only the size of a lime. :)


sarahmmw said...

YEAH!!!! Such a cute picture! Connor thinks he's getting a new baby sister and he calls her "HoHo!" I think that it's only b/c I told him she was coming after the snow. Who knows!!

Rochelle said...

Awww, so cute! Glad the appointment ended well! Thanks for sharing.