Sunday, October 19, 2008

Spirits in the Gardens

This afternoon we took advantage of the beautiful weather and went up to Reiman Gardens for "Spirits in the Gardens" a little Halloween event. We had taken Aidan last year and enjoyed it, but it was even more fun this year. Aidan really enjoyed wearing his costume and enjoyed all the activities they had available. He went through the hay bale maze, touched crickets and meal worms, got a pumpkin tattoo on his hand, and went trick-or-treating around the gardens from the likes of Smokey the Bear and Cubbie Bear.

We sat and listened to a story teller for a little while, which they both liked, but freaked Ella out when she came over to talk to them. Look at poor Ella's face :( . Aidan on the other hand talked right into the microphone and told her his name, so became a part of the story.

We told Aidan who Cubbie Bear cheered for after he gave him and hug and he of course responded with a "Ppppppbbbbbtttt!" "Go Cardinals!" We wouldn't let him go back and tell that to Cubbie Bear though. We do have some manners. :)

Near the end Ella was making some really cute faces and Aaron was making faces back at her. So CUTE! I only put one up here, but there are a couple more cute ones in the new slide show to the right.

If anyone lives near Ames and is looking for a fun Halloween event for your little ones, it is going on next Sunday from 3-6 at the gardens as well. And it is free for adults and actually at least 3 year olds and under are free too. So totally free fun event for us today. Yeah!

(Other frugal notes, got Aidan's costume at a garage sale last year and just had it in our dress-up box and made Ella's tutu myself, put black paper dots on it, took an old black headband of mine and twisted some pipe cleaner around it for the antennae. So fun and easy!)
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Sarah said...

Great pictures!! Looks like you guys had a blast! I took Connor to an orchard/pumpkin patch in Harlan when I went to visit my parents but forgot the camera! Ella is growing up so fast!

Tonya said...

Great deals on the costumes! They're adorable too!

mary said...

Looks like you guys had lots of fun. Very cute outfits. Garage sales are always fun. :) I bought Hunters for this year when he was a baby at one. Love Ella's costume. You did a great job.