Wednesday, August 13, 2008

U Gotta Love It!

This year's state fair slogan really rang true for Aidan. He loved it!!! Aaron took the day off on Tuesday so we could all go together. Not the best day of the week as it rained all morning, but it wasn't too bad. We got a little wet but found the Paul R. Knapp Animal Learning Center which had ducks, chicks and ostriches hatching, as well as brand new calves, and other baby animals. We must have just missed that calf being born, which I am okay with. Aidan liked petting the little chicks and ducks and climbing on the hay bales over in the corner.

Look at our little dairy farmers! :)

When the rain slowed a little we wandered over to the barns to see all the animals. Aidan thought that was kind of cool. But his absolute favorite had to be the Little Hands on the Farm. That was a really neat area. You go in and get all geared up to be a farmer (hat, apron, and basket), and then follow the path planting, harvesting, gassing up your tractor, and selling your harvest at market. Then they give you a dollar which you can use to buy a special treat at the store at the end. Aidan chose a box of animal crackers. Very cute little area that I highly recommend to anyone that has kids.

Another highlight for Aidan was meeting Clifford the Big Red Dog at the IPTV booth in the Varied Industries building. That was the first time he has seen a character and thought it was really cool (there is hope for Halloween yet!). He went right up and gave Clifford a high five and a hug. So cute! Then they gave him a Thomas the train book and had tables with coloring pages. Dan Wordell (he has a program on IPTV - though we have not seen it) came over and gave us a little photo op behind Aidan. That picture is kind of funny too cause Aidan is like, who is this guy behind me?! You can check that out in the slide show on the side.

So excited to meet Clifford!

Daddy and Ella cheesin' it up at the Varied Industries Building

After that we went out to see the tractors and Aidan shocked me by jumping out of the stroller and climbing up into one of the big tractors BY HIMSELF! Such a big boy. Just a couple of weeks ago he wouldn't even get in one with me!

Checking out the tractors. (That hat I am wearing was what ISU was handing out instead of tattoos. I was a little bummed I couldn't get the kids tattooed. :( Oh well. )

Though we started off a little soggy, all in all a very fun day at the fair.

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