Monday, August 11, 2008

Friedel Fireworks: Emilie and Donny edition

This past weekend we traveled home to Grammy and Papa Friedel's house for a special fireworks celebration. Aaron's sister, Emilie, is getting married (in less than a month! :)) so this year's fireworks were dedicated to her and her fiance, Donny. The show was fabulous, as always. Every year they add a little something new.

Aidan actually made it outside watching the fireworks for the first time this year. He usually hates the noise and is too scared to stay outside. This year he was still a little scared, but he was brave and sat on my lap and watched the whole show. Towards the end he wanted me to put my hand over his ears and he was holding his stuffed puppy's (Sally's) ears. I thought that was cute. Ella on the other hand was fascinated! She sat with Grandpa and Grandma Van Sickel and watched almost the whole show. She fell asleep right at the end - it was an hour past her bedtime, poor thing.

Sorry there are no pictures of the actual fireworks. It took awhile just to get Aidan outside (he wasn't fond of the little firecrackers Daddy, Uncle Brad and Justin were setting off) and I was just focused on keeping him happy. Here are a few cute ones before the big show started.

The happy couple, Emilie and Donny

Grandpa Van and Ella hanging out on the deck

Aunt Carrie and Aidan enjoying some homemade ice cream

The crew that makes Friedel Fireworks the amazing evening it always is:
Papa Friedel, Grammy Friedel, Paul and Karen Hulett
Their new shirts say "Pyro Pals" and "Pyro Gals" respectively.

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Anonymous said...

Aidan was very brave to come out into the noisy outdoors. Miss Ella was just fascinated by the lights. She sure followed them everywhere with that happy grin on her face. Grandma V

Eric & Karen said...

Looks like a fun time!! I love "pyro pals and pyro gals" too funny!
And holy smokes, you have totally personalized your blog on the right side...that is SO COOL! I love the picture slideshow!