Friday, August 15, 2008

The Potty Training Chronicles: Day 3

I think he is starting to get the whole concept. He was only successful once today, but I could tell he is really starting to learn what the sensations feel like and he really wants to be dry. We did venture out a couple times today (library and park this morning, zoo this evening) so he had pull-ups on during the outings. I showed him where the bathroom was in the children's area at the library and he took his pull-up off and sat down for a second. I really didn't think he would have cooperated at all, so I was very happy he sat and tried for a minute in a strange bathroom. And... after nap he was dry!!!! Of course he woke up a little grumpy and uncooperative so he wouldn't sit on the toilet and then had an accident a couple minutes later, but oh well.

He was such a good boy all day today. I was so happy with him. Not just with his potty training progress, but just his whole attitude in general was very much the sweet, funny Aidan we all love.

Sorry to those of you who are bored with Aidan's "Potty Chronicles". I use the blog kind of as my online scrapbook so I can get my thoughts and pictures organized at the time things are happening and then I can transfer everything to a Shutterfly scrapbook later. And since this is all Aidan and I have done for the past three days, this is what I am writing about! :)

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Carrie said...

I love that you are giving updates! I gobble up every story and picture you post, it makes me so happy to get an update on what you guys are up to, since I don't get to see you anywhere near as often as I'd like! So keep 'em comin'! :)