Sunday, August 31, 2008

Potty Training Chronicles: Day 18

Showing off his almost completed potty chart

Really super great day today! Aidan woke up dry this morning! I could not believe it!!!! So we went on in and he went potty first thing this morning. He did have one accident this morning before church, but was dry the rest of the day! And that included two #2's in the potty and dry at nap!!!! Sorry if these potty training chronicles gross anyone out. Again I am just here to document my kids lives and hopefully you enjoy most of the posts as well. :) I am just really proud of his progress and wanted to share.

Oh and thank you to Mary for playing my Ella guessing game! Ella had a great check up on Friday. She was 18 pounds, 27 1/4 inches and got two shots. That put her in the 35% for weight and 50% for height I think they said, or it might have been the other way around. Anyway, she is healthy and growing great. She has really been getting more brave with walking the past two days. She now will let go and just take off 3-4 steps before she falls down. Won't be long now...

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