Friday, June 20, 2008

7 months old

Our little bear is seven months old today. Can you believe it? Why does the time seem to be going so fast? I keep telling my little bear to just stay little, but she seems very determined to grow up and get moving.

She is such a wonderful baby. She has now mastered crawling, and pulling herself up to stand. She pulls herself to a standing position on everything. She just figured out how to stand up in her crib, so that is how we find her in the morning. The other night we were eating dinner at the table and she was still crawling around on the floor. She went under the table and then we heard crying. She had stood up under the table but was hunched over because she was just holding onto the bottom part of the chair. She couldn't figure out what to do next. :) Tonight I noticed she was kind of moving around the train table a few steps here and there. What do you think, walking by 8 months?

She loves playing in the sand and wood chips (trying to eat them). She loves all of Aidan's toys (could care less about the "baby" toys). But most of all, she LOVES being around Aidan. She absolutely lights up and gets soooo excited anytime she sees him.

She still mostly just coos but has started adding a few new sounds. She gives the best cuddles and has that little elfish grin that you can't help but smile at. :)

Standing by the kitchen table

Two little monkeys jumping on the bed

Playing in the sand

Playing in the wood chips

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Anonymous said...

Looks like the monkey's mattress need to go down a notch before the rest of th song rings true. Cute pictures of both munchkins. MOM