Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Science Center

Aidan loves to visit the Science Center! We have only been 3 or 4 times now, but he knows exactly where all his favorite activities are. One of his new favorite things is the grocery store and conveyor belt. He loves putting all the produce on the belt, cranking the wheel and watching them go up, up, up and then falling down onto the next belt.

Another new discovery this time was the cause & effect table which was basically big domino's that you line up and try to make a bell ding at the end. He thought that was pretty cool, especially since they had bridges that you could put the blocks on.

I really will try to get some new pictures of Ella up here soon. I feel like we just have had a lot of activities for Aidan lately and haven't really gotten a good picture of Ella . The next post will have to be more about the little princess. :)

Grocery shopping and conveyor belts

"Hello Mr. Badger", "Mommy, what's that? It's a salamander", "Where is the bat?", "Look - I'm on T.V.!
I like building with blocks and watching them fall down!

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