Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Picture Day

Well picture day didn't go quite as well as I had hoped, but we still got a few good shots. Ella just wasn't in a smiling mood, which stinks because she usually is, and Aidan was in a very uncooperative mood. We did get a few good ones though, including a cute one of Aidan leaning over to give Ella kisses and Ella's arm is reaching up towards Aidan - so sweet!

Aidan and Ella must talk behind my back because they have a sleep pattern going that just does not work for mommy. I can almost guarantee that the minute Aidan goes to nap, Ella will wake up. Then she will be up for the length of his nap, and then the second she falls asleep again, he walks downstairs. I think it is a conspiracy against mommy! They are too young to be working together against me, aren't they?! :)

Ella is getting stronger and more fun every day. She is doing really well with holding her head up while on her tummy and really prefers to be sitting completely upright when someone is holding her. She giggles more and more each day too, which is so fun!

Aidan has been pushing mommy's buttons lately just throwing all his toys in a big pile and telling me they crashed. The part of me that likes everything to be nice and organized can hardly stand that. It drives me crazy enough when his stuff is all over the place, but now he is not even "playing" with them. They are just in a pile and he sits in the middle of it, til he can think of another toy to add to the pile. I think it is partially attention seeking behavior, partial boredom. So I have started a better rotation of items to be out each day and am trying to spend more time one-on-one with him. The last couple of days have been a little better, but we still have piles of toys show up throughout the day. Oh well, spring will be here soon right?!!!!? Enjoy the new pictures!

Aidan's Valentine hand print art

Beautiful girl

Aidan showing Ella the many features of her play gym

I asked Aidan to give Ella one of her toys. He proceeded to line up several in front of her. Guess he wanted to make sure she had plenty of choices!

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Aaron Friedel said...

Look at their sleeping arrangement as a way to spend time with each of them individually.

Seriously, it could be worse. Ella could cry all of the time and still get up twice a night. Remember how Aidan was?