Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Weekend with the Dittls

We enjoyed a fabulous weekend with Sara, Tom and Lorelei. It was so much fun watching Aidan and Lorelei play. They seemed to really enjoy playing together, with just the occasional territory disputes. They were totally "monkey see, monkey do" a lot of the time - one starts running in circles around Sara and yelling, the other one must join in! They were great helpers in making monkey bread as you can see in one of the pictures, as well as great pizza topping helpers! But just try to get a nice picture of the two of them sitting next to each other. I dare you! About the best we got was this one below. I was about 2 seconds too slow and they are both about to run away from the stairs. Oh well, this way helps to share the story of the weekend better. :)

It was fun to get a family picture taken, thought Ella fell asleep shortly before, so you can't see her pretty eyes and smile, so I included a picture of her as well. She is doing so wonderful. She has really started to smile a lot now and make fun little cooing noises when you talk to her. She still just gets up once at night and has been going to bed a little earlier (closer to 10 rather than 11) most nights, which mommy really appreciates. Aidan is really starting to enjoy being a big brother. He always comes with me when I change her diaper, stands on a chair next to the changing table and holds Ella's hand. He then points out all her body parts to her or tells her "Ew, stinky Ella! That's gross!" He has even asked to hold her a couple of times and has done a nice job. What a good big brother she has!

Sweet baby Ella

Aidan and Lorelei making some monkey bread

Running away from the picture

Our family

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mary said...

Very cute family picture. I need to take more family pictures. I have all of Hunter and no family. :)