Monday, January 21, 2008

So funny!

So I have had a fun day today. Mommy is really tired cause the kids took turns keeping mommy awake last night so I was really hoping they would cooperate and we could all take a nap this afternoon. No such luck. Oh well. Ella cooperated at the right time, but then Aidan would not go to sleep. He fought and fought until I just gave up cause Ella woke up and was hungry. So we went downstairs to feed her. Aidan continued to argue with me about taking a nap for the next 15 minutes, after I had given up and told him to just play. He was at my feet on the ottoman and just laid his head down. I thought he was watching the t.v. for a minute, but then realized the stinker had fallen asleep standing right there. So of course, being a good mommy, I took a picture, and then took him up to his bed. So Ella and I thought we would come play on the computer for a minute so everyone could see the funny little man sleeping standing up. And a couple of great happy Ella pictures from this morning. And one of Aidan after a bath with his new Lightning McQueen towel.

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Chris said...

Wow, my blog was so popular that you guys followed me over to blogspot!

mary said...

I loved the pictures. Ella is very cute along with Aidan. Man he is just so big. I loved Ella's smile and laugh.