Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Preschool Christmas Programs

This week both girls entertained us with their preschool Christmas programs. Olivia was first up having her program on Tuesday. She did a beautiful job! The teachers who were sitting in front helping lead the children said she was maybe auditioning for her part in the program for next year. When the Innkeepers didn't say their line right away, Livi was standing up in front whispering, "There is no room!". She knew what they were supposed to say. :)

"My heart Rejoices!"

Grammy came up to see both programs. Getting snuggles from the girls after Olivia's program.

Mommy, Daddy and the girls

Little cutie 

Ella's program was today, Wednesday. What a beautiful little angel she was! So excited to see us as she walked in.

Tallest of all angels as well. Look how high her hands are compared to her friends!

She liked her wings.

Daddy, Mommy and Angel Ella

All 5 of her fabulous teachers! We LOVE Miss Angie, Miss Dale, Miss Kristin, Miss Kris and Miss Niki

Thank you to Grammy, Grandma, Aunt Carrie and Owen for coming to enjoy the Christmas programs with us!
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