Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Ella is 5!!!

This shirt is so perfect for our little bear. It reads, "Smiles all the time".  I can't believe she is 5! For some reason that just seems really old to me. How can she be 5?! She will go to Kindergarten next year!

We had a lovely little family party for her a few days before her birthday. She requested homemade pizza and an awesome cake with Ariel on it from Aunt Em. And that is exactly what she got. :) Here are a few fun pictures from the day:

Livi pretending to take pictures with her invisible camera.

Happy with all her gifts!

Checking out her amazing cake.

Our smiley birthday girl.

Not so sure about everyone singing "Happy Birthday" though.

Brother and sister sure enjoy singing it though!

Blowing out the candles, at least 1 blow for each candle. 

Happy Birthday sweet Ella Bear! We love you!

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