Monday, January 2, 2012

Van Sickel Christmas 2011

For Van Sickel Christmas this year, Chris convinced us all to come out to Colorado to him. Though it takes a lot of stuff to take us all out to Colorado for just a couple of days, to stay out in a lodge at a camp where Chris used to work, it was totally worth it. The kids were all excellent travelers across the ridiculously boring state of Nebraska. (We love our portable DVD player!)

I don't even think I included any pictures of opening presents in this post. There was too much awesomeness in our surroundings to bother with picture of presents here!

Getting ready to take a hike.

Pretty in pink

Livi and Grandma walking together

Our family, on a bridge over a mostly frozen stream.

Aidan with his rock he collected from the mountain. He will let you touch the rock if you would like to know what a mountain feels like. :)

Cheesy Livi

Aaron, Justin and Carrie were down the hill beyond the fence collecting firewood. Then the kids were trying to get it up the hill the rest of the way so Chris could cut it to the right size if needed.

She had worked on getting this one stick up the hill for about ten minutes before she finally gave in and called for help.

It started snowing while we were outside. Just a beautiful perfect fresh snow covering the mountain. We didn't notice til later that the flash on the camera bounced off all the little snowflakes. :)

Mom wanted a family picture so we tried out the timer on our camera. I think it turned out really well. Aaron doesn't even look too winded sprinting to get in the picture. :)


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