Monday, October 3, 2011

Meeting Owen Henry

Last night at 10:39 pm our other new nephew Owen Henry was born! We had been in Cedar Rapids for the breast cancer walk yesterday and since Carrie had been in labor since Saturday afternoon, I thought for sure we would get to meet her baby yesterday. But unfortunately, little Owen was being a slowpoke and did not make his appearance until late last night. So after we dropped Aidan off at school, the girls and I headed back to CR! Had to go meet the little man!

The girls LOVED being able to hold him.

Such a cutie!

She is not excited at all is she? ;)

Little mama Ella taking good care of Owen.

Yep, that's me, proud Aunt Amy!

And proud Papa Van. :)

New family of 3!

I think she likes him a little. :)

Welcome to the family little Owen! So glad we were able to meet you today!

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