Thursday, February 17, 2011

New Scooters!

Aidan and Ella both got scooters for Christmas from Grammy and Papa Friedel. Since it was so beautiful out today (Des Moines tied its record for warmest Feb. 17 ever at 68 degrees) we decided to go take the scooters out for a spin.

I was so impressed with how sturdy Ella's was. I am a little nervous about her and anything with wheels since the tooth incident, but this scooter seemed really great for her. Very sturdy, cute, pink, and she had a lot of fun with it.

Aidan's was really cool too. At first he would just try to kick once and then hop on and lose his balance. I got him to keep kicking with his one foot to keep going and just work on his balance. I am hoping working on his balance with this will help when we take the training wheels off his bike this spring too. :)

I don't have any pictures, but I had a great time on Aidan's little razor scooter too. He has been talking about fairy tales this week at preschool, including the gingerbread man. So I hopped on his scooter and sped off singing, "run, run, as fast as you can. you can't catch me, I'm the gingerbread man!" They all three thought mommy was pretty funny and of course tried to catch me. Mommy can get going pretty good on it though, so it took a little while to catch me. ;)

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Tonya said...

Adeline has that same scooter in red. She took it for a spin today too and did pretty well. I just wish the weather would stay nice!