Saturday, October 30, 2010

Halloween 2010

What a fun night we had! We love our new neighborhood. Tons of kids and families walking around trick-or-treating. Tons of houses with their lights on passing out candy. Everyone was so nice and the weather was absolutely perfect.

We made Olivia into Yoda, cause I think it is the cutest toddler costume ever. Toddlers have the perfect walk to be Yoda. :)

Excited we got Yoda, Fancy Nancy and Mr. Paleontologist to all sit down for a picture with smiles on their faces. :) A rare occurance indeed.

Aidan was our paleontologist for the evening. He wore his safari hat, khaki pants, a button down khaki shirt I found at goodwill, and I did a little iron-on to this shirt this afternoon, it says, "I Dig Dinosaurs" and has a picture of a dinosaur. He LOVES it. Makes a mama happy. He also has his paleontologist tools in his pockets and carried his brachiosaurus around with him tonight.
His trick was a joke: What is louder than a dinosaur? Two dinosaurs!

This is the absolute best picture ever! I love my sassy little Ella! I mean, Fancy Nancy. She had talked about wanting to be a princess, but she wanted to wear her tutu I had made her, so we came up with this Fancy Nancy costume. I love it! Poor thing realized that fancy shoes aren't always the most comfortable though and her feet started hurting, so I got to carry her around the last few houses.
I did not prepare Ella with a trick because I did not think she would remember one, but she came up with her own joke that she told each person right away: What does Fancy Nancy do? She colors. Good job Ella! ;)

Olivia walked around the end of our cul de sac to the houses we knew, and then we dropped her off with daddy at home to help pass out candy. She was less than pleased I guess, so poor Aaron had to pass out candy and deal with a grumpy Livi. Aidan, Ella and I had a good time walking around and they did a great job telling their jokes. Ella kept asking when we were going to get in the van and drive to Halloween, because that is what we have always done. :) I kept telling her we don't have to do that anymore because our new neighborhood actually does Halloween! So fun!

Oh, and I started this thing in my neighborhood this year that I saw on some blogs. It is called being "Booed" You can read more about it here. It has been so fun this week seeing more signs go up in people's windows or doors that they have been "booed". Such a fun tradition, and so happy we now live in a place that is fun enough to enjoy it!

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