Sunday, September 19, 2010

Aidan and Ella's room

Aidan and Ella's room before we moved in

So I think I am finally ready to share Aidan and Ella's room in the new house. We just did some work in there today adjusting the beds and hanging the new awesome books slings Grammy made for them.

We raised the beds a little so we can utilize the space under the beds for maybe some baskets for storage. Aidan and Ella think they make pretty fun hiding places and cozy nooks though also. :)

Ella's book sling. I am LOVING these. Thanks again for making them Jane! Aren't you impressed - we already have them up! :)

Aidan's side of the room. He was too infatuated with his books and book sling to leave his bed while I took the picture. :)

The whole room:

Yay! Another room looking good!

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Rikki said...

Those book slings are awesome! Very cute rooms!