Monday, June 21, 2010

What am I going to do with this child?!

I should have just left well enough alone. Everyone was playing nicely inside. Then I open my big dumb mouth and tell the kids I will take them for a little walk. Sounds innocent enough right? Taking a little stroll with the family before bedtime.

Apparently not for us. I told the kids we were just going to walk, no bikes. Trying to avoid any repeat of last weeks events with Ella. Nope, Aidan goes running down the street, Ella running right behind. Aaron yells for them to stop. Ella obeys, Aidan keeps running. Ella starts up running again, trips over who knows what, and lands flat on her face AGAIN! One week after she falls and loses her tooth. So we all run back and check on Ella's status as she is bleeding from several areas of her face. Ended up with a big scratch right by her eye, and lots of little scratches on her forehead and red marks (sure to be bruises) around her eye. A cut on the corner of her mouth and the scab where her tooth used to be busted open and bleeding a ton. I don't think the other tooth got knocked at all, but we are off to the dentist for our one week check from getting her other tooth pulled in the morning, so pray she doesn't find anything loose that I didn't.

Ella is our little daredevil, and I always kind of worried about her falling, but just imagined it being cuts and scrapes that will heal in a few days. Now that she has lost a tooth, I am fearful of everything she does. I know it is just a baby tooth. But my little girl has to go the next 4 years without a tooth. That is way different than a few days with a scratch.

But what can I do? I can't stop her from riding her trike. I can't make her ride in a stroller everywhere or carry her around. She is two and needs to run and jump and play. And now I will be that nervous mama that I never was and never wanted to be. So let's just pray she becomes a little less clumsy and a lot more coordinated and scratches her legs and arms, and leaves her face alone!
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