Friday, April 2, 2010

Some updates

We are LOVING our new house! We have only been here a week but it already just feels like home. The kids are loving their new driveway - three cars wide provide lots of space for bike riding and large chalk murals!

Ella sometimes gets going too fast and tries to go in too small a circle and tips over, but she is a tough cookie. There is also the obstacle of not hitting a crawling Olivia as she moves around checking stuff out.

While we were out enjoying the beautiful morning yesterday, our new little neighbors came over to visit with their grandpa. The little girl, Lucy, told her grandpa she wanted to come over and say hi. She is three and adorable!!! Her grandpa told me that he watches the kiddos on Thursday and they were waiting for the garbage man, Mark, to come. Lucy had made him some brownies as he has been gone for the past couple of weeks because of a shoulder surgery. So now, I know more about my new garbage man than I ever thought I would know! I saw him stop and get out and talk to that family when he came on his rounds and she did give him his brownies. We are totally going to have to go hang out with them on Thursdays so we can meet Mark too! The kids will love that!

Another revelation this week is that Olivia has figure out the bottom two stairs. I went upstairs to do laundry or something and went to come back down, only to find her sitting on the landing waiting for me. So she has mastered getting up those bottom two steps. What a big girl! Following mommy is a pretty big incentive for her to figure out those steps. :)

Lastly, our realtor brought us some fun gifts yesterday as well. She brought the kids a new bubble machine and bubbles (which is awesome because our other one broke and I threw it away before the move). And for the family she had a ceramic bowl made that says "The Friedels" and our new address, and then is filled with microwave popcorn and M&Ms. How fun is that?!!!!!!

I think that is it for now! Hoping those warm temps come back soon because we are loving checking out all the new parks! (So far we have "pirate ship park", "spiderweb park", "baseball park" and "yellow park". We are trying to name them all and move away from our "Aidan park" which is what both of the big kids wanted to find was a new "Aidan park")
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Rochelle said...

Fun update! I am so glad that you are enjoying your house, your neighbors, and all the parks! I noticed you are reading Peek-a-Who? A big-time favorite at our house too!