Sunday, April 4, 2010

Olivia climbs the stairs!

Sorry about this collage. I could not get it to go in the order I wanted and didn't feel like piddling around with it manually, so just try to follow the numbers around the collage! :)

1. She has been climbing the three steps onto the landing the past couple of days, but today she made it to the second step on the big set of stairs. We decided to cheer her on and see how far she could go!
2. Close-up of one tough little climber!
3. Not very happy that no one is just picking her up and taking her upstairs.
4. Aidan put one of his wooden planets on a step to entice her to keep climbing.
5. Her cheerleaders at the top of the steps.
6. Almost there!
7. "I made it, now pick me up mommy!"
8. Yeah Livi! Now you can get your much deserved mommy loves. :)

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