Sunday, April 11, 2010

Little helpers

Aidan was such a bear today. His one shining moment of good was when he walked around the living room with Olivia. She thought it was so fun that big brother was helping her steer her walker. If left to her own devices she would just go straight until she ran into something and then get stuck and quit. But she got lots of walking practice with Aidan helping. :)

And then of course Ella had to join in the fun.

Later this afternoon we were lounging in the living room and this is how we found Olivia:

I thought she had crawled over to the basket with her books in it. Nope, hadn't made it that far. Just went over to Ella's rocking chair and climbed right on up. Sat there like she owned the place. Such a little monkey. Then she climbed on a box and then the stairs, and then..... I so have my hands full!

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