Saturday, January 2, 2010

Olivia is 7 months old!

Okay, okay, I know I am late with taking these pictures, but she is still 7 months (yes it is closer to 7 1/2 but lets just pretend here okay!)

Little bunny is turning into a much happier little girl. She can play by herself for longer stretches of time, but of course needs someone to be in the same room as her. Lucky there are two other munchkins around here to help keep her happy! She is doing good eating her baby food and baby cereal now, but she is definitely a fruit girl. She likes sweet potatoes, but when I try carrots or squash now, she sticks her nose up and fusses. Guess we will have to keep trying with that. She won't try to drink out of a sippy cup, so again, will need to work on that.

But just look how cute she is!

I had to share the pictures of my "helpers" today. I didn't get nearly as many pictures of Olivia as I usually do during her photo sessions because 1) I had two other monkeys that wanted to be in the pictures, 2) Olivia is a mover and a shaker now. She was all over the blanket. She doesn't quite crawl yet (though she moved forward two "steps" tonight!) but she does reach, lay down, sit back up, roll, etc. and gets around, though she doesn't exactly have a particular destination yet. She is just content to be in a new space and exploring what she finds there!

And yes, today she had been pulling herself to stand on EVERYTHING! We just moved the train table back to the living room this afternoon and she keeps finding her way over to it and standing up. Little monkey. However, if she is closer to the Little People farm, she somehow keeps it balanced well enough to use it as a prop for standing. Oh little bunny, mommy is not ready!

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