Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Polar Express afternoon

My blogging friend shared this activity and I knew I had to do it for Aidan and Ella. Aidan LOVES Polar Express. So today as we were snowed in (by 15 inches of snow!) I thought it would be the perfect surprise after rest time. I set up their little chairs in a row to be a train. Which oddly enough Aidan had done the same thing this morning, only he had chairs from the kitchen and some toys in his train line which spanned the whole living room. I set out the movie, the book, a couple of cookies we made yesterday, and had some chocolate milk waiting for them. I also put the bells that Aidan got last year from riding the Polar Express under their seats as a special surprise. Every time Aidan moved in his chair he was like, "where is that bell coming from?". He finally figured it out and held onto his bell the rest of the movie. It was a very fun and special way to spend our snowy afternoon. :)


angee said...

Too cute!!! I love it!! I love all the pictures that show every step, as well!! Thanx for letting me know about it!

And I can't believe you have 15 inches of snow!! CRAZY! We don't have nearly that much, but our temperature is down in the teens at the peak of the day. Way too cold to be outside!

(and can I use any more exclamation points in one post?!)

sarahmmw said...

Super Cute!! What a great mommy :)