Monday, December 21, 2009

Little Family

Literally. Here is out family in miniature. Our super awesome friend Mindy made these adorable little people for Ella's new dollhouse. A few weeks ago I had put it out there on Facebook that I was wondering if I had any talented friends who would like to paint some little peg people for the dollhouse I am making Ella for Christmas. Mindy answered my call for help! I just gave her a basket full of goodies (paint, glue, wooden spools, wooden doll heads, etc.) and she did a totally awesome job!!!! I cannot thank her enough for taking the time to make these precious little figures for Ella.

See, there is me and Aaron in the bottom left, a Grandma and Papa in the top right, and then Aidan (in full Cardinals attire, complete with a Pujols jersey), Ella and Olivia. SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Now to finish the home for them to live in!
(don't worry, it is almost complete. I took this picture before I started. I do realize that Christmas is only a couple days away. We are making a trek to Hobby Lobby today to get the rest of our dollhouse supplies and finish it up tonight! Pictures of the finished dollhouse to come!)


Rochelle said...

I absolutely adore this! Ella is going to be pumped! I so wish I had a girl! This is amazing.

sarahmmw said...

Love it!!! Cant wait to see more pictures :)