Tuesday, December 1, 2009


Last night at midnight I awoke to the sounds of my Ella Bear crying and whimpering "baby". Only the sounds didn't sound like they were coming from her room. They sounded like they were coming up through the vent, as if she were downstairs in the office. She has not done that before, but I sat there listening and trying to figure out what could be happening. Did she see the light from the computer monitor and get all the way down to the office? I heard her cry through the vent again so I hopped up and went into her room. No Ella! No Ella in her bed, no Ella in the room. I went running downstairs and checked the kitchen and living room. No Ella. Ran down to the office and family room, no Ella. While downstairs I heard her cry out for baby again. Running back upstairs to her room. Still no Ella. Where on earth is my bear???!!! She cried out one more time for her baby and the sound came from UNDER her bed! So I grabbed the little bear by her feet and pulled her out from under her bed and put her back under her covers after cuddling for a little bit as she appeared a bit shaky. So all is well, Ella is fine, slept the rest of the night.

But could someone please explain to me HOW she got all the way under that bed with those two cushions blocking the way?


angee said...

That's funny! I was pregnant with my daughter when my son was two. He liked to come into our room at night and sleep on the floor. My husband and I decided that we needed to break him of that habit before the baby arrived, or we'd really be in for nights with no sleep. So every night when he'd come in, I'd wake up and take him back to his bed. Well, he obviously was not okay with that because we found him numerous nights sleeping under our bed! I guess he figured if we didn't know he was there, he could get away with it!! :)

sarahmmw said...

Oh my gosh!! I would be so scared! I am glad she finally turned up!