Friday, December 25, 2009

Christmas Morning

Last night, Aidan and Ella bid farewell to their elf Sixer. We checked Santa's location on the NORAD website (I think he was in Indiana - getting close!). Put the reindeer food out on the lawn, picked out a cookie and some milk for Santa. Wrote Santa a note. Opened up their packages with their new jammies in them. Brushed teeth, and then crashed. I mean, completely crashed. No naps, and up two hours past their bedtime, did not move a muscle once their heads hit their pillow. Which would be the only night this week that has happened, mind you. I just now, at 10:15 got Ella to stay in bed tonight.

But anyhow, on to brighter things. Aidan came and woke me up this morning asking if he could go see if Santa had come. So down we all went (minus Olivia, who had been up from 5-7 and finally gone back to sleep) to the fireplace in the family room. You can see Aidan's excited expression in the middle picture. Aidan always leaves Santa a note and Santa leaves him a note in return. The bottom left picture is Aaron reading the note from Santa. The rest of the pictures are some of the fun gifts Santa left for the kids.

Aidan and Ella watching Rudolph this morning, cuddled under their new blankets from Great-Grandma and sitting with their new friends, Moose, Pig and of course Baby.

The next two are pictures too cute not to share. Ella can get the biggest giggles out of Olivia. Even more than mommy. They had a good time playing together this morning.

I hope everyone had a safe and very
Merry Christmas!

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sarahmmw said...

What great pictures!!! Don't you just love the excitment they show:) Connor was even excited about his clothes that he got!!