Friday, December 25, 2009

Adorable children

Here is a collage of my attempts to get a picture of these cute kids in their super awesome Christmas outfits right before we went to church last night. As you can see, it went as is typical. Aidan will give me a cheesy grin. Ella looks to Aidan to see what his expression is. And since it was Olivia's first time wearing shoes, she was totally engrossed in those. But aren't they cute?


sarahmmw said...

Ok, what size are her shoes?? I bought some cute ones for Abby but they were HUGE on her, so she just went with tights! I put them on and her toes were just beyond the open part of the mary janes!!

Amy said...

I bought her size 2 at a consignment shop cause I am too cheap to buy new for something she was going to wear once. They were too big on her too, but probably would have been okay if they weren't so darn heavy!

sarahmmw said...

hey you are talking to the consignment queen here! abbys dress was $3 at Big Wheels 2 Butterflies in Papillioin :)