Sunday, October 4, 2009

Olivia's 4 month pictures

I know this is so late getting these pictures up, but here they are!

Little bunny is 4 months old, but doesn't have her doctor's check-up til Oct. 13, so we will get official height and weights posted then. But for now, here is Olivia and Yadi Bear (actually this is Alberta Bear - Ella's. We forgot Yadi at Uncle Brad and Aunt Jenny's house last weekend. Oops!)

I did have another little photographer at the photo shoot, so we will have to see how his pictures turned out at well. :)

So strong holding her whole upper body up. She has rolled over several times, but does not do it consistently. Just enjoys being on her tummy I guess.


Rochelle said...

She has the sweetest face! I love looking at her!

Anonymous said...

Adorable!! How could that sweet little innocent face ever scream at you! :) hee hee I hope tonight's screaming fit is even shorter for you and Aaron!

sarahmmw said...

Too cute! Abby has started screaming now too. Not just at night but any time someone walks away from her! She is quickly tunring into "that child" at the center :(