Wednesday, September 2, 2009

State Fair 2009

I realize I am several weeks late with this post, but here you go!

We had a good time at the state fair this year. Aidan was super excited to see all the big tractors! He had to climb up in ALL of them before we could move on.

Me and my girls in a rare picture of me! Not because I hate being in pictures - just no one ever takes a picture of me with my kids unless I ask! (thanks for taking this one Carrie!)

Ella looked like such a little ragamuffin that day. The little outfit she is wearing, though it is only an 18 month size, the straps kept getting stretched out and falling off her shoulders. And she doesn't drink out of a cup very good yet so there was chocolate milk all down the front of her. Poor little bear. At least I only paid a quarter at a garage sale for the outfit!

This is the two of them at Little Hands on the Farm.

Of course we had to stop and see Clifford! Ella was conked out in the stroller, so I am still curious how she would have reacted to seeing Clifford in person. Maybe next year!

All in all it was a good day. We got to hang out with Carrie and Justin, see some animals, play on the new playground, got my turkey jerky from the Jerky Shoppe, met Clifford, sadly no tattoos as ISU was too cheap this year apparently, and made it back home in one piece.

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Mary said...

Very cute. Love all the pictures. Suprised that ISU had no tatoos. When we walked through on Thursday they had three different ones to choose from at their booth, but they didn't have ISU on them. Hunter had to get as many tatoos as he saw on our way through the building. :)