Thursday, August 27, 2009

Olivia is 3 month old!

Oh sweet little Olivia, becoming more calm and sweet each day. You even slept from 9:30 pm until 6:30 am one night for mommy! Let's do that again real soon, okay!?!

You love kisses from your big brother and big sister, though big sister isn't quite gentle enough sometimes for your liking. But I promise, she is watching how mommy does everything with you because she is mimicking it all with her baby dolls.

You love to suck on your hands. In fact, while at the state fair, while Aunt Carrie was holding you, that is how I knew you were close behind me, I could hear you sucking on your hands!

Could your beautiful eyes be any bluer?

I just LOVE this picture with Yadi Bear. You have such a sweet innocent look on your face and it looks like Yadi has her hand on your shoulder. How cute is that!?!

You are just growing so fast little one.

Won't you just stay little forever?



Tonya said...

What a doll! And I love how you wrote it to Olivia.

Anonymous said...

So precious!!

Rochelle said...

She is so cute! I just want to snuggle her! I am so glad she has stopped screaming at you too! :)

mary said...

Glad that things took a turn for the better with her. I know how you felt though because that's why my little Alyssa would do. Although the soy formula helped a lot of her tummy problems. I hate it for the cots, but what do you do. She is so cute sucking on her hands. That is what my little Alyssa loves to do. She is always sucking on her fists or fingers. She really doesn't take her pacifier, but oh well. How precious little Olivia is.