Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Aidan's drawings

On Sunday the kids and I went home to Cedar Rapids. While we were there we headed in to Carrie's Spa Day thing for Quixstar ( I totally misspelled that didn't I?) While I was getting a very nice shoulder massage I set the kids up with some paper and crayons and left them under Justin's careful supervision. :) I came back to the table and saw these:

I was sooooooo excited! These are Aidan's first people drawings. That is a self portrait on the left complete with eyes, arms, and legs and he tried to draw an "A" for Aidan (in blue that looks like an "H"). On the right is a drawing of Aunt Carrie. She is missing her arms, but this is still huge for Aidan! I have been looking forward to seeing how his people drawing progress and now we have our first ones. SOOOOOO excited. Perhaps that is a little bit of mom and a little bit teacher coming out. Anyway, enjoy his drawings because I sure do!
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Anonymous said...

I'm so proud of Aidan...way to go, buddy!! :)

sarahmmw said...

Those are sooooo great!!! I adore Connor's first family picture that he drew and we are all just circles but we are all there :) I really love seeing their drawings develop too!