Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Olivia's baptism

On Sunday we celebrated Olivia's baptism. Grandma and Papa Van, Grammy and Papa Friedel, Great Grandma Bradley and Uncle Brad were all able to join us. I was so nervous she was going to freak out and be screaming during the ceremony, but she was AWESOME! In fact, she was awesome the whole day!

This is Pastor Mike telling us that her name means "bringer of peace". He obviously noticed our smirks at that and said "that must not be your experience so far". Oh little Livi. But I will say she has had a wonderful last couple of days. So maybe she just needed a little holy water sprinkled on her!

Aidan wanted to give Livi some kisses.

I just think I have the cutest family! Love them!

Aidan and Ella liked their new pinwheels from Grandma Van.

And of course a great shot of Aidan and his favorite new thing - his trike he got for his 2nd birthday! (yes he is almost 4 and just learned how to peddle!)

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Anonymous said...

What a precious family you have!! :)