Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Fun with Sara and Lorelei

This post is only 2 weeks late. Ooops. My blogging time used to be after the kids went to bed at night, but that is Olivia's screaming time so we don't get much accomplished at night anymore. Hopefully she starts being happier at night and we get her bedtime moved up to closer to normal soon!

The kids and I went back to Cedar Rapids on July 3 to hang out with Sara and Lorelei who were home for the weekend. We had a ton of fun just watching the kids splash together in the little pool. Then someone, and I won't say who, but whose name starts with an "L" put the ball they were playing with in the culvert and it got stuck. Watching Ken and Pat work to get the ball out was way more entertaining for the kids (and grown-ups) than actually playing with the ball. :) Lorelei kept wanting to sit on Aidan's lap, and then when she wondered away, Ella went over to sit on his lap. When Ken went to go find another tool to use to get the ball out, Lorelei and Aidan got on their bellies and sized up the situation for themselves. What a bunch of monkeys!

We had so much fun seeing our friends and can't wait til we get to see them again!!!!
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