Thursday, June 11, 2009

Reading with Ella

I was in the kitchen cleaning or something and it was a little too quiet in the living room. I came around the corner to see this:

Aidan was helping Ella read Brown Bear, Brown Bear What Do You See?

He of course can't actually read it yet, but he knows all the words, so she would point to a page and he would tell her what it said. And then they would both giggle. So cute!

Here is my lame attempt to get a creative baby picture of Olivia. Aaron wondered what I was doing to his daughter. I think it is time to call in some professionals. :)

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Eric and Karen said...

What an adorable moment you captured!! I love how Aidan loves to read books to the girls, it is just too sweet!!
P.S. I know a girl who would love to get her little camera focused on that sweet little face of Miss Olivia :)

Anonymous said...

Amy!!! The picture you took of Olivia is adorable!!! My really good friend Ashley takes amazing photos!! here is her website if you still need a professional photographer for the kids and you and Aaron!!!

Tell Aidan that Mickey Mouse misses him greatly!!! and Ella and You!!!

Love Vicky