Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Grant's Farm

On Sunday we left our hotel and headed over to Grant's Farm. It was not very clearly marked how to get there, but Daddy and Papa got us there. Aidan was sitting in the back with his "toy map" helping as well.

The poor little bear was so tired from the rest of our weekend she fell asleep on the way there. Poor thing. Such a trooper!

Our first stop there was to see the Budweiser Clydesdales. Such beautiful animals. They were all so well trained too. They were just standing next to the fences to let all the people pet them. Amazing. No trainer, no harness, just standing there because that is what they are supposed to do. Then all of a sudden, at exactly 11:30, this momma and her colt just started galloping around. It was as if they looked at a clock, said "Oh, 11:30, time to frolic!" So fun!

You could also feed the little baby goats with baby bottles of milk. The goats are all very aggressive though and jump right up on you to get the bottle. This of course freaked Aidan and Ella out, so Aaron held Aidan up and they fed them like this:

Another highlight for both of the big kids was the carousel. Aidan rode a bunny and Ella was just in front on a horse. Grammy and Papa have a good picture of Ella on the carousel so I will need to get their pictures soon from the trip.

We went around and saw the rest of the animals, had a nice lunch and then it started sprinkling. So back to the van and off to Grammy and Papa's house.

What a fun little vacation it was. So thankful to Grammy and Papa Friedel for going with us to help with all these children! Ella really liked holding Papa's hand everywhere we went and Aidan enjoyed all the fun stuff in Grammy's bag of tricks during the car rides!

Now, back to reality!
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