Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Fun with friends

The past couple days we have been taking full advantage of this awesome weather. Yesterday we went over to Big Creek with some friends from play group. I was an unprepared mommy as I did not expect Aidan or Ella to actually go into the water, but of course they did. Poor Ella fell down at one point and couldn't get back up so I went in to save her. So they both ended up soaking wet, but had TONS of fun! We will have to go back very soon. Aidan LOVED the wooden playground, and they both loved playing on the beach and in the water. Just have to bring swimsuits next time, or at least some towels!

Today we went to the zoo with our play group friends again. It was crazy busy at the zoo today though. Everyone must have taken the whole week off for the 4th. It was just nuts! But we still had an awesome time.

Oh, and here is a little shot of the bunny. She is just starting to smile at us and she is also starting to like looking at the little hippo and elephant on her bouncy seat.
I can't believe she is 6 weeks old today! Where did that time go?

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Rochelle said...

Olivia is just beautiful!

Michelle said...

Juliette has the same outfit!!