Monday, May 25, 2009

Olivia's First Walk

A few nights ago the weather was so beautiful, we decided to go for a little walk. Aaron got the stroller out and put the car seat attachment on. When he walked away, poor little Ella jumped right on in, ready to go for a walk!

Luckily, she was not upset when I helped her out and put the Olivia's car seat there instead. :) They both wanted to help Daddy push her in the stroller!

Aidan was adorable pointing out all the sights to Olivia. "See Olivia, there is a bird", "Olivia, you see the white trail in the sky - that is from an airplane!" - SO CUTE!!!

Our new little angel all cuddled up and loving the walk - She amazingly stayed awake the whole time. And that was the only wonderful night we have had with her sleeping so far - from 12:30-6:15. I think we need to make this evening walk more of a habit. :)

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Rochelle said...

Olivia is a DOLL. And how awesome to get some rockstar sleeping! I hope it happens again soon.