Sunday, May 10, 2009

Camel Ride

On Friday, out of the blue, Aidan asked me if he could ride a giraffe, a REAL giraffe. I told him I did not think there was anywhere that he could ride a giraffe, but if he wanted, next time we went to the zoo he could ride a camel. I am so used to him being afraid of trying new things I thought he would flip out at the idea, but he was really excited!

On Saturday we decided to go to the zoo. I really wanted to go down to Tulip Time but was a little nervous about being two hours from my hospital a week before the baby is due. So we went to the zoo instead.

After he fed the goats, Aidan asked where the camels where. So we went over to the camels and he was SOOOOOOO excited to ride them! Daddy got to ride with him, as this pregnant lady was not about to get on top of a camel! It cost $4 each for a little two minute ride around in a circle, but it was so worth it to see how happy it made Aidan. He really enjoyed it and we were so proud of him for trying something new!

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sarahmmw said...

That is great! Connor used to like the "Night Eyes" but we went on Monday and it took awhile to get him down there and we only saw a few animals and he decided he was ready to go. We got out and he told me he was too scared to stay. He really doesn't like the dark these days:(