Monday, March 30, 2009

Fun in Milwaukee!

Oh it feels so good to be home. But we did have an awesome weekend! Last Thursday me and the kids traveled to Cedar Rapids and spent the night. Then Ella stayed with Grandma and Papa Van Sickel for the weekend while Aidan and I traveled up to Milwaukee to visit my best friend, Sara, and her adorable daughter, Lorelei.

We had such a great visit. Aidan and Lorelei are only a month apart in age and had so much fun together. Aidan did get a little loud for her at times, but other than that they had an awesome time playing together. On Saturday we went to Discovery World, which was an awesome combination of science center and aquarium. This first picture is of the kids operating a camera attached to a tiny little submarine. You can see the little yellow submarine attached to a cord in the back and the kids are pushing the buttons and watching what the camera is seeing on the video screen. That was pretty cool. Aidan also really enjoyed the giant wooden boat and exploring all over it.

Back at their house we had a good time making and eating some homemade pizza and watching the movie "Cars", a favorite of both kids.

This is Aidan and Lorelei dancing to the Hot Dog dance on Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. Nice moves guys!

Before heading over to play at Barnes & Noble on our last morning there we had a little snack of dinosaur fruit snacks. The dinosaurs are shown here roaring at each other. :)

Thank you so much Sara and Lorelei for letting us come up and visit. We had a wonderful time and can't wait to see you guys again!!!!!
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