Monday, January 12, 2009

Christmas #4

Sorry I have been so delinquent and haven't gotten the Friedel Christmas post up yet. Aaron has me hooked on the t.v. show Heroes so all my evenings have been spent watching season 1 on DVD from the library. Trying to catch up a little bit before the new episodes start up again. :)

This is actually Friedel Christmas: Take 2. The first got canceled due to ice storms and hospitals, but the weather cooperated for the most part this time, and Emilie was out of the hospital and doing much better. :) It ended up being a short visit to Grammy and Papa Friedel's house due to the bad weather approaching on Saturday, but we had a good time playing with the kids, playing the Wii, and just visiting.

Ella really loved this little bear. I think Jane said they have had it forever. It plays different Christmas songs when you squeeze its paw and she just carried it around hugging it (though it was almost as big as her!) Wasn't sure we would be able to get her away from it, but she did get a new doll shortly after she met the bear and that has become her new favorite thing to carry around and give loves to. She also got a new rocking chair and she likes to climb in it and rock her baby dolls. So CUTE!!!

This was my favorite gift. A new bag made for me by Emilie! She seriously makes the best purses and bags. She should start a little side business or sell some in a local shop. I love them! She gave a little purse to all her bridesmaids and moi, her personal attendant back in September, and since her hubby drew my name for Christmas, she was nice enough to make a big bag for me for Christmas. It has 5 different pockets on the sides of the inside, which perfectly fit all the diapers, wipes, my wallet, cell phone, and miscellaneous Kleenex/hand sanitizer, etc. that I have with me at all times. I love it!!!! Thanks Em!!!

Ella was learning how to make a fishy face from Aunt Jenny. We have several similar photos of Aidan learning this same trick from, you guessed it, Aunt Jenny! Hopefully she doesn't kill me for putting this picture up. I think it is adorable!

Aidan had a good time putting together his new puzzles with Great Grandma. He just loves puzzles. I am very happy he has that kind of attention span to put together a 24 piece puzzle. He can almost do it by himself, but he sometimes likes someone there to help him make sure he is doing it right.

We had a lovely time and hope the rest of the family did as well. Glad we were all able to get together!!!

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Mary said...

Very cute pictures. I love that purse. It's very cute and looks wonderful to have. I need one of those. :) Hope things are going well.