Thursday, January 1, 2009

Christmas #3

Christmas #3 is Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, spent at home, just the four of us. It is only the second time that Aaron and I have been in our own house for Christmas. We spent the afternoon baking cookies for Santa and making a snack of oatmeal and colored sugar for the reindeer. Aidan liked mixing up the reindeer food and then sprinkling it in the back yard after church. (My friend Nan had given me the idea for reindeer food, but I forgot the recipe she told me, so we kind of just made this one up.)

Ella looked so pretty in her Christmas dress! She made friends with the people behind us at church, such a funny little monkey.

Is he hugging her or choking her - can't tell.

Aidan was so cute Christmas morning. Aaron was already up at like 5 watching t.v. down in the family room. Aidan went right down and asked him to put a blanket over his shoulders so he could look just like daddy. That must have been a cute sight. Both of them snuggled under blankets, sitting on the couch, watching some Christmas parade. Then they went up and found that Santa had eaten all the cookies and left Aidan a note thanking him for the yummy cookies. Aidan was so excited that Santa had left him a note. He came up and got me up to show me the note from Santa. That look of sheer joy on his face was my favorite moment of the day. :)

They had a good time opening their gifts - mostly art supplies, play dough tools, clothes, books. Aidan did get a new sled and boots too. After presents Aidan helped me make some monkey bread and we just had a relaxing day at home enjoying each others company.

Hope everyone else had a very Merry Christmas as well!
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