Tuesday, December 2, 2008

A Thanksgiving week of firsts

We celebrated Ella's first birthday with a party with all the family (minus Uncle Chris out in Colorado) at Grammy and Papa Friedel's house Wednesday night before Thanksgiving. We actually enjoyed a very yummy Thanksgiving feast first, and then had Ella open her presents and have cake. She wasn't quite sure what to do with the packages at first (thus you see her climbing on one below), so Aidan came to help her out. She received many fun gifts (thank you everyone!) and had a good time. Then it was on to the delicious cake made by Aunt Em. She makes the absolute best cakes. She made a large one as you can see in the center that read "Happy Birthday Ella Bear" and also made a tiny one just for Ella. Ella was not sure what was going on when everyone was singing to her, but she sure enjoyed that cake!

One of Aidan's firsts was his first board game. Grammy Friedel got out Candy Land and he seemed to really enjoy it. I think the adults attention spans started to wane before Aidan's did. They finally started pulling out the game cards that made you go back to a certain candy location at the beginning of the path. :) Aidan had a hard time remembering which direction on the path he was supposed to go, but other than that he did a very good job and was really excited to play a game just like the big people do!

Aidan's other first was helping at the Musser family annual day after Thanksgiving "Cookie Baking Day". For anyone that doesn't know it is a tradition on my mom's side of the family to gather and bake a ton of Christmas cookies the day after Thanksgiving. Then we divide them up and everyone has a bunch of different kinds of Christmas cookies! Well, last year was the first year I have ever missed it (Ella was only 2 days old) so Aidan's first real chance to participate was this year. It was very fun to watch him help with the cookie cutters (Thanks to Uncle Gary and Cousin Troy for being so patient with him!), and to help daddy put sprinkles on. I think he had a ton of fun and will be an even bigger help next year! I let him sample one of the sugar cookies and molasses cookies for snack this afternoon. Loved the sugar cookie, but sorry Mom, he would not eat the molasses. :(

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sarahmmw said...

I am so glad that you got to make it to "cookie baking day" this year!!! It sounds like so much fun!

Anonymous said...

Maybe it's in the presentation of the cookie. He had one at my house and loved it. He just couldn't bite into it but when I told him to let it melt on his tongue it worked just fine. Break it into chunks like you do for Ella.Grandma V

Anonymous said...

I wanted to relay a story: Aunt Connie asked Aidan if he wanted a cookie, and he said, "No, I don't want a cookie until all the cookies are done." We had the good kid!