Tuesday, December 9, 2008

The Polar Express!

Last weekend Aaron, Aidan and Ella ventured to Grammy and Papa Friedel's for the weekend. That is right, mommy stayed home and had some much needed and appreciated time to herself. It was awesome! :)

More importantly however, Aidan got to ride the Polar Express! He LOVES that movie and has been so excited about his little adventure. I should have Grammy Friedel write this post as I was not on the adventure, but hopefully the pictures will help tell the story.

He made a little mitten ornament which he hung proudly on our tree when he got home.

Having a wonderful time!

He even got to meet Santa!

And Santa gave him a special bell just like in the movie. He carries it around at home, holds it up to his ear and says, "I believe" just like in the movie as well.

I really don't know a great deal more about the adventure, but maybe Grammy or Papa can add a comment below to tell anymore of the story. I do know that Aidan had a wonderful time and we really appreciate Grammy and Papa taking him on this special adventure. :)
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Papa said...

The North Pole Express is a fine way to see "Santa". Just go to the 6:00 PM departure. It takes around 2 1/2 hours round trip to the North Pole. Must be magic.

Simple fun. Grandpa Friedel