Friday, September 26, 2008


Yesterday we had a lot of fun visiting all our friends up in Ames. We started at Vet Med and visited with the few people we still know :( and then went over to the doctor's office for Aidan's 3 year check up. He started off so good, until the nurse wanted to weigh him, and then he was off and on the rest of the time. He was 37 1/2 pounds, and 38 inches. No idea what percentile that is. Hard to ask any questions when you are consoling a 3 year old and wrangling a 10 month old from getting in to everything. They also tried to do a vision test with him. They wanted him to cover one eye and then tell them if they were pointing to a house, an apple or an umbrella on a chart (just like an adults that has the letter E on top). He did good at the beginning, but then he got bored with the game and was just saying words, not looking at the chart. Oh well. He did much better with the hearing test. But then they both got their flu shots yesterday, which I was not expecting. Luckily Aidan can have the Flu Mist now and he did great with the "silly stuff" they put in his nose, and Ella is very forgiving when she gets a shot.

After the appointment we picked my friend Janelle up for lunch and had a nice visit. Then off to home to take naps. Sadly for me they both napped in the car and did not want to sleep when we got home, so no nap for mommy. Hopefully today!

We had a good time playing with bubbles in the backyard yesterday. And then we went and played in the front so we could watch for daddy coming home and we could wave. But daddy must have been distracted by our new neighbors giant moving truck that he didn't even see us.

Aidan was using a stick to pop his bubbles

"I'm gonna get you bubble!"
I should have gotten some pictures of Aidan and Aaron last night. They were downstairs playing Guitar Hero for an hour and fifteen minutes. Well, Aaron playing guitar, Aidan plays his drums and says "Rock On Mom!" (he has a t-shirt that says this)

So we have been good. Just trying to enjoy the beautiful weather before it goes away and keep up with both of them now that Ella is walking! Her other new tricks are waving, and the signs for more and all done. :)
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