Saturday, May 17, 2008

Updates and cute pics

A few updates on the Friedel kids. Ella's new news is her first tooth just popped through on Thursday. It is the lower right front. Perhaps that is why she has been so cranky lately. She also continues to practice her crawling. Now she gets up on her hands and knees, rocks back and forth, moves one knee forward and then lunges forward towards her goal. Again, she is not even six months old until next Tuesday! Gotta keep up with her brother though.

Aidan is working on identifying the alphabet and is doing pretty well. Yesterday I was wearing a shirt that said IOWA and he came over and pointed to the "A" and said "It's "A" for Aidan!" I was impressed because up until then he had just identified letters on his alphabet puzzles or books. He is also in love with jigsaw puzzles. I had gotten two 12 piece jigsaw puzzles for him a few months ago and was going to give them to him for his 3rd birthday. But he was doing his other puzzles no problem so I thought I would get the jigsaw puzzles out and see how he did. It took him about 6 times doing it with Aaron and now he can do them on his own. Such a smarty pants. :)

Going to the park in our little red wagon

Ella at the park

Mommy, Aidan is putting all his pillows and blankets on me. But it's okay. :)

Playing on the floor in Aidan's room
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Anonymous said...

Grandpa Van is happy to see the ATW getting some action and such cut occupants too.

Anonymous said...

Make that cute occupants. Fingers faster than brain.