Monday, May 5, 2008

Tulip Time

Aidan, Ella and I met my parents in Pella for Tulip Time last Thursday. We had a fun time wandering through the tulip gardens - Aidan now is able to identify tulips wherever we go. He'll stop, point and yell, "Tulips mommy, tulips!" He also really enjoyed seeing the windmills - "Giant windmill", "Reach, reach to the top. I can't reach. :( It's too big!" And of course the parade was a big hit with both of them. There were a ton of marching bands. I thought maybe they would be bothered by the loud noises but they both really enjoyed everything there was to see in the parade. Aidan got to ride in a school bus (our shuttle from our parking spot). He is still talking about riding the school bus with grandpa. He also keeps talking about the little girl that handed him a sucker at the parade, "That's so nice! She gave Aidan a sucker! That's so nice!"

We are very glad the weather was so nice and we were able to have a fun day with Grandma and Grandpa Van Sickel.

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Anonymous said...

Did Aidan get to eat the sucker? He sure was a cutie with the head bob and weave to all the bands.
Ella seemed to like it all and what a cutie in her headband.
Grandma V

Anonymous said...

The picture of Ella sitting in front of the tulips is ADORABLE!! What a big girl!!! Hope to see you soon!
Bridget Ott

Anonymous said...

Loved the pictures of the kids with the tulips! Gorgeous color. So glad they are able to see and do so many things! Grammy F.