Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Just chugging along

Not a lot going on in the Friedel house lately. Last weekend we did travel home to Mediapolis to attend the funeral services of a dear family friend, Mick Licko. We were so lucky to have had him in our lives and grateful we were able to attend the celebration of his life this past weekend. He will be dearly missed.

Today we went down to West Des Moines and played at Jordan Creek Mall in the children's area. Aidan had such a good time. Ella really enjoyed looking around and smiling at everyone. Daddy had forgotten his wallet, which prompted our trip, so we got to have lunch with daddy too. :)

Tomorrow, Aidan, Ella and I are going up to the center so I can complete an observation for one of the teachers who is completing her CDA (Child Development Associate). The kids will be dropping in to the center while I observe in the infant room. A new experience for Ella, but mommy will be right in there with her. Aidan of course will have lots of fun visiting with old friends.

Here are just a few cute pictures from last week with the kids. Ella is just so smiley! Aidan's new favorite thing to do is play with beans. I made a little tub into a sensory table of sorts and bought a big bag of beans. Throw in a couple measuring cups, cars, or whatever else he wants in it - hours of fun!
Until next time...

So smiley!

So fun!


Daddy and his girl

Not the best picture of Daddy or Ella, but Aidan is priceless. Just one example of our failed attempts to get a picture of the three of them, as Aidan kept hopping off Aaron's lap.

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sarahmmw said...

I love the last picture! I pointed to Aidan even before I read your post:) It is so cute of him! I am sitting here listening to Connor complain about going to bed! He is crying for mommy, we shall see who holds out longer, Connor usually wins!

mary said...

I love Ella's great big smile. Very cute.